Monthly Archives: February 2011

What we do!!

After working with clients in smaller radio markets I have found their needs are completely different from those in larger metro areas.  Through necessity, smaller market stations have talented programmers wearing many hats and are often in need of assistance they currently can’t afford.  They are writing imaging for multiple stations plus managing a separate production house and voice talent.  Imaging Assistant takes away the bulk of the writing and production, while cutting the price in half or more.  Imaging Assistant still leaves the door open for sellable promotions and the opportunity for the Programmer to retain a unique market identity.  Imaging Assistant is a complement, NOT a replacement to creative local programming.


•A unique, vibrant, relatable station voice, highly targeted to the 18-34 and 25-54 demos
•Updated, Monthly, Custom-Produced Imaging elements
•Separate, Dry voiceover  varied limits based on station needs
•Market exclusivity
•24-hour turn-around on voice over
•Produced Imaging is available the first Monday of every month
•The Service stands on its own or acts as a great companion to other barter imaging services